Qlon 4465 Black 250m Roll

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Made with a unique combination of materials and with technical performance unparalleled by any other material used in seals, Schlegel Q-Lon offers the highest standard of sealing function - even under extreme conditions. Continuous research and development, as well as strict material inspection and quality inspections, have made Q-Lon one of the best established sealing systems in the industry today. Q-Lon foam seals - the ultimate benefi ts in material and function: Excellent memory - returns to original shape after compression. Stability - low / no stretch gained by rigid insert or glass fi bre internal cord. Easily compressed - low compression forces, unaffected by temperature variance. Acoustics - outstanding acoustic performance. Thermal conductivity - unrivalled thermal performance. Paint and stain proof - properties unaffected by standard paints and stains. Stabilised - unaffected by rot, fungi, UV-light or ozone. Colours - white, black, brown, grey and many other options. Temperatures - wide operating range under extremely cold and warm weather conditions

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