Wind Up Lock With Centre Knob

Timber Single Door With Wind Up Operation Centre Knob Design

This design uses a wind up multipoint door lock operation. A lever handle is not required, everything operates with the euro cylinder. By turning the cylinder three revolutions you engage the locking points. To disengage you turn the cylinder three revolutions in the other direction, by turning the cylinder a further quarter turn you release the spring latch this allows the door to open. Be aware you do need the key to open this door.

Wind Up Lock Centre Knob Design

 Part Number     Description  Quantity Required 
 MA-238352  Door Lock 1
 MA-218141  Hook Keep 2
 MA-218142  Right Hand Latch Keep For 44mm Door

1 Required

 MA-218143  Left Hand Latch Keep For 44mm Door
 MA-226774  Right Hand Latch Keep For 56mm Door   
 MA-226775  Left Hand Latch Keep For 56mm Door

In the table are shown the components required for this type of door operation. To decide which latch keep is required, please see the diagram below: 

 Door Handing 

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