Securifold Folding Lever Handle

  • Works with most multi-point 92PZ door locks on bi-fold and resi-doors
  • Levers fold vertically into backplate when not in use to allow neat stacking of Invisifold or bi-fold doors and to provide clear sightline through glass when closed
  • Can be used on resi doors to prevent the lever clashing against the wall
  • Stands off profile by only 23mm in closed position
  • Top of lever pushes in to allow turn action
  • Accepts standard or security Euro profile cylinders
  • Location peg holds the lever in place in closed position to prevent handle rattle
  • Internal and external levers operate independently
  • Identical screw centres to standard long backplate door handle.

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Code Description Price Quantity
HEB-4QBF0091 Folding Handle Lh White £26.29 (exc VAT) per Set
HEB-4QBF0092 Folding Handle Rh White £26.29 (exc VAT) per Set
HEB-4QBF0093 Folding Handle Lh Black £26.29 (exc VAT) per Set
HEB-4QBF0094 Folding Handle Rh Black £26.29 (exc VAT) per Set
HEB-4QBF0097 Folding Handle Lh Bright Chrome £35.96 (exc VAT) per Set
HEB-4QBF0098 Folding Handle Rh Bright Chrome £35.96 (exc VAT) per Set
HEB-4QBF0099 Folding Handle Lh Satin Chrome £35.96 (exc VAT) per Set
HEB-4QBF0100 Folding Handle Rh Satin Chrome £35.96 (exc VAT) per Set
HEB-4QBF0101 Folding Handle Lh Anthracite Grey £27.61 (exc VAT) per Set
HEB-4QBF0102 Folding Handle Rh Anthracite Grey £27.61 (exc VAT) per Set