GU Ferco Keeps & Packers

PVCu door keeps to suit GU Ferco door locks. Used in conjunction with GU keep packers listed.

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Code Description Price Quantity
FER-6-30014-00-L-1 Classic Centre Latch Strike L/Hand £6.80 (exc VAT) Each
FER-6-30014-00-R-1 Classic Centre Latch Strike R/Hand £6.80 (exc VAT) Each
FER-6-30013-00-0-1 Classic Claw Keep £5.65 (exc VAT) Each
FER-9-33905-00-0-6 Dust Box For Centre Latch £0.63 (exc VAT) Each
FER-9-37986-00-0-1 Classic Roller Keep £0.56 (exc VAT) Each
FER-UK-8000-00-0-1 Diecast Roller Keep £0.50 (exc VAT) Each
FER-9-37989-04-P-6 Packer Set 04 £0.23 (exc VAT) per Pair
FER-9-37989-05-P-6 Packer Set 05 £0.23 (exc VAT) per Pair
FER-9-37989-06-P-6 Packer Set 06 £0.23 (exc VAT) per Pair
FER-9-37989-07-P-6 Packer Set 07 £0.23 (exc VAT) per Pair
FER-9-37989-12-P-6 Packer Set 12 Kommerling £0.23 (exc VAT) Each
FER-9-37989-21-P-6 Packer Set 21 £0.23 (exc VAT) per Pair
FER-9-37989-49-P-6 Packer Set 49 £0.23 (exc VAT) per Pair
FER-9-37989-58-P-6 Packer Set 58 £0.23 (exc VAT) per Pair
FER-6-33543-00-R-1 Fully Adjustable Double Hole Shootbolt Keep £9.16 (exc VAT) Each
FER-9-38472-00-0-1 Double Shootbolt Keep Base Use With 38473 £2.36 (exc VAT) Each
FER-9-38473-00-0-1 Double Shootbolt Keep Top Plate Use With 38472 £2.63 (exc VAT) Each