Husky Pro 120

  • The latest addition to our Husky range of sliding door systems, the Husky 120 Pro caters for sliding wooden and metal internal doors weighing up to 120kg. This superior product comes in a range of kit options with adaptable accessories including a newly improved soft close mechanism.
  • Smooth running
  • Low initial friction
  • Mix and match system of products
  • Simple install
  • Soft Close mechanism available
  • Robust and sustainable system
  • The standard Husky 120 Pro Kit is supplied with:
  • Anodised aluminum track with mounting holes for soffit (ceiling) or face (wall) installation
  • Hangers
  • Easy access apron plate
  • Wall brackets
  • End caps
  • Rail stop and clip stop
  • Plastic guide
  • Assembly instructions
  • You will also need: Flush pulls and handles- various sizes and styles available

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No detailed specifications are available for this product.

Code Description Price Quantity
HEN-HP120-15A Husky Pro 1.5m Kit Pack £108.34 (exc VAT) Each
HEN-HP120-18A Husky Pro 1.8m Kit Pack £125.93 (exc VAT) Each
HEN-HP120-20A Husky Pro 2.0m Kit Pack £144.48 (exc VAT) Each
HEN-HP120-25A Husky Pro 2.5m Kit Pack £180.59 (exc VAT) Each
HEN-HP120-30A Husky Pro 3.0m Kit Pack £216.70 (exc VAT) Each
HEN-102N Husky Guide £2.98 (exc VAT) Each
HEN-284HP Husky 120 Pro Hanger 120Kg £31.08 (exc VAT) Each
HEN-SIMHP120 Husky 120 PRO Simultaneous Action Kit £106.67 (exc VAT) Each
HEN-SOFTHP120 Husky 120 Pro Soft Close Assembly £76.36 (exc VAT) Each