Double Doors Fingerbolts

Timber Double Doors With Single Lift Lever Handle Operation & Fingerbolts

Here we have the most common type of multipoint door lock operation. You lift the lever to engage the locking points and turn the key. This stops the handle from being depressed and disengaging the locking points. Unlocking the key cylinder, enables the handle to be depressed. This disengages the locking points then pushing the handle down also releases the latch to allow the door to open. Shootbolt extensions are added to the top and bottom for security and compression, the slave door is secured using fingerbolts. The table below gives the size ranges possible using the relevant size shootbolt extension at the top.

Double Doors With Single Handle & Fingerbolts

 Part Number     Description  Quantity Required 
 MA-244363  Master Door Lock 1
 MA-218141  Hook Keep 2
 MA-218142  Right Hand Latch Keep For 44mm Door 1 Of Either
 MA-218143  Left Hand Latch Keep For 44mm Door
 MA-226774  Right Hand Latch Keep For 56mm Door
 MA-226775  Left Hand Latch Keep For 56mm Door
 MA-55989  Fingerbolts 2
 MA-226985  Mullion Free Top & Bottom Shootbolt Keep  2
 MA-209355  120mm Bottom Shootbolt Single Action 1
 MA-101959  200mm Top Shootbolt Reverse Action 1 Of One Size
 MA-58335  300mm Top Shootbolt Reverse Action
 MA-200982  500mm Top Shootbolt Reverse Action

In the table are shown the components required for this type of door operation.

The drawing above shows a Left Hand latch keep to help you decide which you require.

To decide which size of top shootbolt is required see sizes below:

If the spindle height is 1050mm (i.e. distance from bottom of door to the centre of the handle spindle)

Door Heights from:

1790mm to 2000mm requires a 200mm top extension

1890mm to 2100mm requires a 300mm top extension

2110mm to 2300mm requires a 500mm top extension

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