Sash Weights

Please call 01535 602517, to discuss your requirements. various options available.

We have a complete range of sliding sash window weights both steel and lead, which can be ordered in set weights, click here to visit our enquiry form. Alternatively lead can be bought in 1200mm lengths for you to cut to your required size, these are a square cross-section with a hole running all the way along its length for the cord to be threaded through, available in three sizes 38mm, 44mm and 50mm. Steel weights have a cross drilled hole near the top to thread your cord through. 

The table below shows the sizes of steel weights available.

 Part Number  Cross-section Size Weight Lbs  Length
 ROY-SSW0640SQ 40mm 6 234mm
 ROY-SSW0740SQ 40mm 7 270mm
 ROY-SSW0840SQ 40mm 8 306mm
 ROY-SSW0940SQ 40mm 9 342mm
 ROY-SSW1040SQ 40mm 10 378mm
 ROY-SSW1140SQ 40mm 11 414mm
 ROY-SSW1245SQ 45mm 12 352mm
 ROY-SSW1345SQ 45mm 13 381mm
 ROY-SSW1445SQ 45mm 14 409mm
 ROY-SSW1545SQ 45mm 15 438mm
 ROY-SSW1645SQ 45mm 16 466mm
 ROY-SSW1745SQ 45mm 17 495mm
 ROY-SSW1845SQ 45mm 18 523mm
 ROY-SSW1945SQ 45mm 19 552mm
 ROY-SSW2045SQ 45mm 20 580mm
 ROY-SSW2145SQ 45mm 21 609mm
 ROY-SSW2245SQ 45mm 22 637mm
 ROY-SSW2345SQ 45mm 23 666mm
 ROY-SSW2450SQ 50mm 24 559mm
 ROY-SSW2550SQ 50mm 25 583mm
 ROY-SSW2650SQ 50mm 26 606mm
 ROY-SSW2750SQ 50mm 27 630mm
 ROY-SSW2850SQ 50mm 28 654mm
 ROY-SSW2950SQ 50mm 29 678mm
 ROY-SSW3050SQ 50mm 30 702mm
 ROY-SSW3150SQ 50mm 31 725mm
 ROY-SSW3250SQ 50mm 32 749mm