AGB Lift & Slide Patio

 A range of solutions for Lift & Slide doors and windows

......Three versions with progressively higher performance ratings (all are rateable above the standards and regulatory requisites).

Features and Benefits

  • Designed to accommodate individual door leaves of up to 3m x 3m
  • Designed to accommodate individual door leaves of up to 300kg
  • By incorporating the system into several panels you can open an entire wall or corner of a room
  • Ideal for rooms that require lots of sunlight
  • Have a complete view of the landscape
  • Maximise accessibility to the outside
  • Create a fantastic indoor-outdoor living experience
  • Create a fantastic entertaining space
  • The highest quality at a competitive price
  • Three product levels allow for the best solution to be specified for every situation, therefore no under or over specifying!

• CE mark provides reassurance that the product is manufactured to a high standard and confidently meets rigorous weather and security testing

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AGB Lift & Slide Patio BrochureAGB Basic Lift & Slide Patio ManualAGB Intermediate Lift & Slide Patio ManualAGB Climatech Lift & Slide Patio Manual

AGB Technical and Installation Manuals

  • Detailed and easy to read technical information for Basic, Intermediate and Climatech sliding door systems.
  • Includes important sash and frame information, component dimensions, component usage information, fitting instructions, part numbers and maintenance instructions.
  • Detailed production, assembly and installation specifications.
  • All manuals available in PDF format.