Un Covered Escutcheons

Uncovered keyhole escutcheon with sliding flap. Various colours available.

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No detailed specifications are available for this product.

Code Description Price Quantity
CAR-M41 Victorian Escutcheon Brass 32mm £2.93 (exc VAT) Each
ZOO-FB10-CP Victorian Escutcheon Br Chrome 32mm £2.18 (exc VAT) Each
CAR-M41-SC Victorian Escutcheon Sat Chrome 32mm £3.51 (exc VAT) Each
FRE-JV503-STD-PB Std Escutcheon Pol Brass 50mm £3.06 (exc VAT) Each
FRE-JV503-STD-PC Std Escutcheon Br Chrome 50mm £3.06 (exc VAT) Each
FRE-JV503-STD-SC Std Escutcheon Sat Chrome 50mm £3.06 (exc VAT) Each
KI-1493 Std Escutcheon Black £5.13 (exc VAT) Each
KI-1502M Std Escutcheon Black £5.15 (exc VAT) Each
KI-3011 Std Escutcheon Black £5.13 (exc VAT) Each