• The SP103 is an excellent rebate compression seal used for door and window applications particularly Tilt & Turn.
  • The rigid back makes it quick and easy to install and prevents the seal from stretching.
  • Made from a high quality TPE closed-cell microfoam which is resistant to water absorption.
  • Only low compression required making it easy to close your door or window and reduce the pressure on your hardware.
  • Hollow chamber provides superior protection from wind, water and noise, enhancing the acoustic and thermal properties of your door or window.
  • Compatible with resin and acrylic paint.
  • UV, Ozone and Smoke resistant.
  • Excellent working temperature range of -40 C to +120 C.
  • Cradle to Cradle certified seal making it environmentally friendly and fully recyclable.

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Code Description Price Quantity
HEB-SP103A-B Deventer SP103A Black 200m Roll £159.80 (exc VAT) Each
HEB-SP103A-W Deventer SP103A White 200m Roll £159.80 (exc VAT) Each