Rebate French Doors Tricoat Evo

Tricoat EVO finish with 10 year surface warranty. For use with Accoya. Click on the download tab for list of parts required. 45mm Backset. 92mm Centres 1800mm long 20mm wide faceplates. 2 Hooks, latch & Deadbolt on Master Lock faces Slave Lock which has the keeps for both locks to engage together. 3 choices of top shootbolt extension sizes are available to make different height doors, along with the 120mm bottom shootbolts. The keeps on the slave do have compression adjustment. Highly secure multipoint locking system. Smaller compact central lockcase. The dead bolt is operated from the lever handle reducing the force required to lock the door. MACO easy latch reduces noise and the force required to latch the door. MACO easy latch release ensures a simple reversal process without the need for tools.

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No detailed specifications are available for this product.

Code Description Price Quantity
MA-236217 C-TS MULLION FREE DOOR LOCK £111.52 (exc VAT) Each
MA-236218 C-TS MULLION FREE SLAVE LOCK £124.82 (exc VAT) Each
MA-235570 C-TS SHOOTBOLT STRIKER £15.78 (exc VAT) Each
MA-234856 120mm PAS 24 Bottom Shoot Evo £11.95 (exc VAT) Each
MA-234857 200mm PAS 24 Top shoot Evo £19.95 (exc VAT) Each
MA-234858 300mm PAS 24 Top Shoot Evo £21.26 (exc VAT) Each
MA-234859 500mm PAS 24 Top Shoot Evo £24.00 (exc VAT) Each
MA-105998 250mm Extension Piece (For Tall Doors) £8.31 (exc VAT) Each