Projection Door Stops

A slimline and elegant skirting or wall mounted door stop on a rose feature. The base rose unscrews allowing it to be fixed to the wall or skirting board, the door stop main body is then screwed back on for neat concealed fix. Screw supplied.

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No detailed specifications are available for this product.

Code Description Price Quantity
CAR-AA21-CP Cyl / Projection Stop Br Chrome 63mm £4.11 (exc VAT) Each
CAR-AA21-SC Cyl / Projection Stop Sat Chrome 63mm £3.51 (exc VAT) Each
CAR-AA22 Cyl / Projection Stop Brass 63mm £4.78 (exc VAT) Each
CAR-AA23 Cyl / Projection Stop Brass 76mm £6.16 (exc VAT) Each
LUN-8760-SAA Cyl / Projection Stop SAA 63mm £0.84 (exc VAT) Each
LUN-8761-SAA Cyl / Projection Stop SAA 76mm £1.17 (exc VAT) Each