Locking Guru Casement Fastener

  • Solid die cast zinc construction - Heavyweight handles with sturdy feel
  • Heavy duty sprung latching wedge - Positive click on closing
  • Classic design with a contemporary twist - Create an elegant and stylish window
  • Patented cover caps with colour coordinated finish - Perfectly matching components even down to the smallest details
  • Key clicks into place when inserted - Won't fall out of the lock even when pivoting the lever
  • Slimline and standard keeps available - Compatible with various frame section configurations
    • Technical Specification
    • Designed for Timber windows
    • Certified to BS 7950: 1997
    • All finishes salt spray tested to 480 hours (BS EN 1670:Class 5)
    • Tested to 50000 cycles

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Code Description Price Quantity
FAB-0H000 Guru Lkg Fastnr R/H White £7.92 (exc VAT) Each
FAB-0H100 Guru Lkg Fastnr L/H White £7.92 (exc VAT) Each
FAB-0H005 Guru Lkg Fastnr R/H Hardex Gold £9.89 (exc VAT) Each
FAB-0H105 Guru Lkg Fastnr L/H Hardex Gold £9.89 (exc VAT) Each
FAB-0H001 Guru Lkg Fastnr R/H Br Chrome £9.89 (exc VAT) Each
FAB-0H101 Guru Lkg Fastnr L/H Br Chrome £9.89 (exc VAT) Each
FAB-0H002 Guru Lkg Fastnr R/H Sat Chrome £9.89 (exc VAT) Each
FAB-0H102 Guru Lkg Fastnr L/H Sat Chrome £9.89 (exc VAT) Each
FAB-0H003 Guru Lkg Fastnr R/H Br Bronze £9.89 (exc VAT) Each
FAB-0H103 Guru Lkg Fastnr L/H Br Bronze £9.89 (exc VAT) Each
FAB-0H006 Guru Lkg Fastnr R/H Black £9.89 (exc VAT) Each
FAB-0H106 Guru Lkg Fastnr L/H Black £9.89 (exc VAT) Each