Load Pro

The Nico LOADPRO 3D Adjustable Hinge is the ideal solution for high performance applications. Featuring low-friction bearings for smooth door opening, it offers guaranteed reliable, maintenance-free operation. The Nico 3D Hinge is fully adjustable in three directions for precise positioning and fixing. For ease and speed of installation, the patented design allows the hinge to remain fixed to the door during the adjustment process.

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No detailed specifications are available for this product.

Code Description Price Quantity
NICO-4915-WH Loadpro Adjustable Hinge 3D White Open In Door £10.80 (exc VAT) Each
NICO-4915-S5 Loadpro Adjustable Hinge 3D Silver Open In Door £9.78 (exc VAT) Each
NICO-4915-ZY Loadpro Adjustable Hinge 3D ZPYP Open In Door £10.30 (exc VAT) Each
NICO-4915CH Loadpro Adjustable Hinge 3D Br Chrome Open In Door £19.07 (exc VAT) Each
NICO-4915-BL Loadpro Adjustable Hinge 3D Black Open In Door £10.80 (exc VAT) Each
NICO-4916WH Loadpro Packer To Suit Veka Matrix White £0.34 (exc VAT) Each