Kleertred 20

  • For inward or outward opening doors
  • Under door clearance 20mm
  • Suitable for moderate exposure
  • Deflector section is supplied with our weather deflecting end caps - no sharp corners or raw edges.

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No detailed specifications are available for this product.

Code Description Price Quantity
EX-1.01.0200.0914.15 Kleertred 20 Sill Gold 914mm £37.66 (exc VAT) Each
EX-1.01.0200.0914.30 Kleertred 20 Sill Mill 914mm £27.79 (exc VAT) Each
EX-1.01.0200.1220.15 Kleertred 20 Sill Gold 1220mm £54.09 (exc VAT) Each
EX-1.01.0200.1220.30 Kleertred 20 Sill Mill 1220mm £42.30 (exc VAT) Each
EX-1.01.0200.1525.15 Kleertred 20 Sill Gold 1525mm £63.38 (exc VAT) Each
EX-1.01.0200.1525.30 Kleertred 20 Sill Mill 1525mm £50.26 (exc VAT) Each
EX-1.01.0200.1829.15 Kleertred 20 Sill Gold 1829mm £82.10 (exc VAT) Each
EX-1.01.0200.1829.30 Kleertred 20 Sill Mill 1829mm £60.59 (exc VAT) Each