Victorian Door Knobs

Victorian Door Knobs in a veriety of styles and finishes.

No detailed specifications are available for this product.

Code Description Price Quantity
CAR-M34 Victorian Mortice Knob Brass 2 1/4" £25.42 (exc VAT) per Set
CAR-M35 Victorian Mortice Knob Brass £25.42 (exc VAT) per Set
CAR-M35-CP Victorian Mortice Knob Br Chrome £31.09 (exc VAT) per Set
CAR-M35-SC Victorian Mortice Knob Sat Chrome £31.09 (exc VAT) per Set
CAR-M35C-B Victorian Mushroom Knob Brass £38.27 (exc VAT) per Set
CAR-M35R-B Victorian Rim Knob Brass 2 1/2" £24.91 (exc VAT) per Set
CAR-M35R-S Victorian Rim Knob Mushroom Brass 2" £20.12 (exc VAT) per Set
CAR-M48 Victorian Ball M/Knob Brass 2 1/4" £25.42 (exc VAT) Each
CAR-M51 Victorian Knob Brass 86mm £22.21 (exc VAT) Each
MAR-V900 Centre Door Knob Brass 3" £32.40 (exc VAT) Each